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Now live the first season of Simon Hedley’s Pause Stop Reset Podcast. We have extraordinary friends, experts and guests sharing their insights and more as they answer the Key Questions and Simon helps them help you Pause Stop Reset.

Ten Guests over Ten Episodes.. launching each week on an Wednesday. Each episode on average 25 minutes and bonus resources and more will be added to The Pause Stop Reset Portal as we publish the show.

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The show is all about what it is to Pause, Stop and Reset in your life, in your business, and in your relationships.

I believe these three little words can make the difference. They have for me, and I know they can for you to.

I’m going to be bringing onto the show:

  • Friends of mine who I know have been through this
  • Experts in different areas
  • And people that have had to do this in their own lives.

The show’s one focus is helping you see that you can Pause Stop and Reset and giving you some real tools and takeaways, you can start with today.

When you listen to each episode you’re going to get:

  • Stories to inspire you
  • Insights and suggestions you can apply
  • And I hope a little magic.

Every week the next episode will drop, with ten key questions answered in around 25 minutes by our guest to give you something real and tangible to help you Pause, Stop and Reset.

I think with the right support and inspiration and tools it can be a lot of fun to Pause Stop Reset, and what’s always worked for me is connecting and collaborating – Learning and sharing what works, and what didn’t.

Together we’re going to create some greater clarity from the chaos, so you can build a brighter future with more certainty.

1. Going Cold Turkey on Pause Stop Reset with Kellan Fluckiger

Learn how Kellan Fluckiger has become an amazing coach, author, and catalyst. How he now helps people who are ending addictions to mediocrity and are committed to creating their ultimate life. He shares transparently about the amazing resets on his rollercoaster life as a high ranking executive from suicidal drug addict to catalyst for others to turn their life around and thrive.

Listen out for his incredible true story of how synchronicity saved his life and learn why he really is so committed to helping people and being grateful for each day. Also don’t miss out on Kellan’s simple meditation practice that makes the difference.

Learn more about Kellan Fluckiger at

Pause Stop Reset Podcast Kellan Fluckiger

2. Don’t Stop Believing – Never Stop Growing and Resetting with Phil Pelucha

Learn how Phil Pelucha has been through incredible resets from his time as a Professional Footballer, to leaving it all behind multiple times and his journey to launching Billionaires in Boxers and helping others find their tribe. He’ll share the moments he’s had to walk away and the moments which caused him to stop everything.

Listen out for the practice that you’d never know he does which helps him trust his intuition and make the decisions that matter, and the key question he’s learnt to ask that made all the difference to him and his business that you can use too. Also don’t miss the impact having children has had on his thinking.

You can learn more about Phil Pelucha and Billionaires in Boxers at

Pause Stop Reset Podcast Phil Pelucha

3. How Getting Shot Made A Shooting Star with Jason Allan Scott

Learn how Jason Allan Scott has been through incredible challenges from his time getting shot aged 12, to starting and selling multiple businesses. Hear about the events that really caused him to question everything. Discover the three questions that matter that have become his mantra and serve as his North Star.

Listen out for what has caused his drive and focus, and how he has found ways to navigate the resets he’s been through. You’ll get clear why he knows the importance of health above everything else. You’ll also hear about the two types of people that his dad shared with him, that helped him decide what kind of person to be, and so much more.

So, are you ready to hear his stories so you can start to rewrite yours?

You can learn more about Jason Allan Scott at

Pause Stop Reset Podcast Jason Allan Scott

4. How embracing the fallow times enables renewed energy and why Your Message Matters with Jill Lublin

Discover how Jill not just survived but thrived through the resets of challenging accidents and fallow times. Get a sense of how she thinks and what’s enabled her successes as an award-winning author, recognised expert in guerrilla publicity and globally travelling professional speaker.

You’ll also hear how she listened to her intuition and what has inspired and supported her through the reset times. Who helps her check in and raise her frequency regularly and how you can benefit from that resource as well for free.

You’ll also hear how Jill is committed to what works and how you can apply that in your own life as you Pause Stop Reset, and perhaps her approach will inspire you to find your own.

You can learn more about Jill Lublin at

Pause Stop Reset Podcast Guest Jill Lublin