The Three Little Words That Make The Difference

Pause Stop Reset

Why Pause Stop Reset ?

So much of modern advice and ideas is about planning and building habits, structures and systems in order to make something happen or avoid something else. Yes that can be useful, and we – myself, my partners, clients and friends – have mastered and developed many of them over the decades. However I realised there was something else that seemed to live in those magical moments, when things just work out beyond your dreams or when things aren’t working and you need a miracle.

You see my goal is for you always to be right here and now fully present to who you truly are, and in that space and state be able to focus on and prioritise what you choose to – optimally.

Human Beings are called that for a reason – not human Doings or Havings.

You’ll be amazed at what’s possible to cause, create, experience and more as you Pause Stop Reset, and more importantly at who you can become.

So ready to explore what’s possible ? Journal London Woman Vonny

I love the Pause Stop Reset Journal, it’s helped me find some space to really get to know and love who I am – April

It’s so simple but made such a difference to me, I find myself thinking Pause Stop Reset at times at work when before I would have done something I would have regretted. Super grateful.

I was able to pivot my business thanks to Pause Stop Reset, and Simon’s awesome program and support. We’ve done a years business in a few months. 100% get a journal and start today.

Understanding the Pause Stop Reset concept and beginning to learn, practice, and apply the skills, has allowed me to make many shifts in my life. I have noticed that I think differently than I used to. I am much more proactive about choosing what I want to keep, toss, or even add, whether it’s a thought, a habit, a possession, or a lifestyle.

Do you know that learning how & why to Pause Stop Reset can make all the difference to your results & experience in both life & business?

PSR Pause

Can you Pause?

Have you ever noticed yourself doing something and seemingly unable to stop in the moment. Only to have regrets shortly after. The ability to Pause in a moment is such a master skill. Anyone can start to learn and practice it today. What could happen if you pause?

This is where learning how and why to Pause is so important.


Can you STOP?

Have you ever noticed yourself doing something that you know you want to stop and never do again. Yet you keep repeating it.. again and again, sometimes for years and decades. It’s incredible what opens up when we stop our mind, our bad habits, what does work in life and business.

This is where learning how and why to Stop is so important.

PSR Reset

Can you Reset?

Have you ever noticed yourself stuck in a routine that may have served you and others once upon a time.. but well the world has changed, you have grown and yet you’re still in the same loops never producing the results others do.. and knowing more is possible.

This is where learning how and why to Reset is so important.

For centuries the people who have understand that they could Pause Stop Reset have changed their lives and our world. Today in a super connected world, where “the norm” is most certainly being changed by people, business, governments and nature like never before. The only way to navigate is by learning and understanding how “Pause Stop Reset” are The Three Little Worlds That Make The Difference.

The simplest place to start is to get The Journal and use it. This anyone can do, and we are building a community of people who are passionate about helping others learn how to Pause Stop Reset.

If you’d like to learn more about the philosophy and deepen your insights, then the Book is available to pre-order now and you may even get included in the special VIP Access program.

We’re building The Portal full of insight, inspirations and resources that have helped us Pause Stop Reset and can help you.

We’re excited to be on this journey and hope you’ll join us too.

Who created Pause Stop Reset ?

Simon Hedley PauseStopResetPause Stop Reset was invented, founded, written, crafted, curated and is ongoingly developed, built and optimised by Simon Hedley and friends.

Known by his clients as The Strategic Alchemist, Simon has been the secret weapon of many well-known leaders and founders for over two decades, providing them with Consulting, Counselling, Connections and Coaching and much more.

Pause Stop Reset are the Three Little Words that Made The Difference” to me, and I know they can to you.. and to us over time. I hope you give yourself the choice now to learn how and why to use them, and join me on the journey to explore what’s really possible, not just our limited imaginings.”

Read more about Simon here.