About Pause Stop Reset & The Team

Simon created The Journal for himself and then his clients and partners in order to help provide a structure to build, live and explore the Pause Stop Reset methodology.

A Journal as many people will tell you from well known experts to the old masters to simple ancient common sense – our mind forgets and a journal helps us connect the dots between conversations and moments.

What’s amazing is the Pause Stop Reset journal can be the tool you need and unlike many others it’s really flexible and can grow as you do, while simple enough to bring with you wherever you’re travelling and whatever your goals.

It’s an essential piece of kit.

Benefits of using The Journal

One of the benefits people have from journalling as a whole and especially using The Pause Stop Reset Journal is they experience a great focus.

A Structure For Success

The journal is designed to give you a road map and blueprint to build on. It’s also been designed to be a flexible structure that you can adapt to your needs and really make your own.